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Name: Uzumaki Naruto
Age: 13
Birthday: 10 October
Zodiac: Libra
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Umino Iruka, Hatake Kakashi, Jiraiya
Teammates: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura
Ultimate jutsu : Rasengan
Ambition: To surpass all previous Hokages and have the village acknowledge him.
Background: 13 years ago, a great nine-tailed demon fox aka Kyuubi attacked the Village of the Leaf. In order to save the village, the 4th hokage sealed the demon fox in a newborn baby's body and sacrificed himself to suffer endlessly in Death's stomach. The baby was Naruto.
The Deal with him: Even though Naruto was only the vessel to trap the Kyuubi, the village saw him as the demon itself and everybody hated and ostracised him. Thus Naruto grew up lonely, friendless and determined to make his mark one day as the greatest hokage so everybody would acknowledge him.
The first few who acknowledged Naruto were the 3rd hokage, Iruka and Konohamaru (who was totally awed by Naruto's ingenious sexy no jutsu). Who Naruto really wished would acknowledge him then was Sakura, his crush. But Sakura was totally infatuated with Sasuke because he was oh-so-cool and that was one of the reasons Naruto became fierce rivals with Sasuke.
Besides being a ninja, one of his jobs is also to reach out to people like him who had a troubled childhood (eg. Haku, Inari and Gaara).
Naruto harassed the perverted Jiraiya into training him for the final Chuunin exams and the 2 grew rather fond of each other (father-and-son way not the perverted way!!).
Naruto also technically saved Konoha by saving Tsunade from Kabuto, and touched Tsunade enough to be convinced that she should be the 5th hokage.
Besides mastering a high level jounin technique (the kage bunshin), the summoning technique and rasengan, Naruto also has a secret technique which never failed to 'defeat' his enemy before. That's the sexy no jutsu and the higher level harem no jutsu.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Rank: S-rank, Missing Nin
Partners: Sasori (previous), Tobi (current)
Specialty: Explosive Clay
Affiliations: Akatsuki, Iwagakure (former)
Age: 19 (May 5th)
Height: 166cm
Weight: 50.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Chakra Type: Earth

Deidara is a missing-nin formerly from the Hidden Village of the Rock. He is a clever and skilled fighter but prefers to rely on evasion and long range attacks to bring his enemies down. He also seems to have a high tolerance for pain and is capable of fighting on even with his arm torn off. Deidara’s specialty is the manipulation and use of explosive clay-based jutsu. On the palm of each of his hands is a mouth that can consume and mold his clay into whatever shape and power he desires. Deidara makes his explosive clay by infusing them with a high concentration of chakra. The amount of jutsu he can perform is limited by the amount of clay he has prepared, but even a small clump of clay can be transformed into a much large shape. Deidara seems to prefer to mold his clay into bird-themed animal shapes. When activated, these clay sculptures are animated and are capable of flight. One of Deidara’s tactics is to ride on one of his clay birds to maintain his distance from his enemy, all the while sending smaller and speedier explosive clay birds to attack.

Deidara's Akatsuki ring has the character for 'Blue' and he wears it on the index finger of his right hand. Deidara was previously Sasori’s partner, but unlike most other Akatsuki two-man teams, he actually respected Sasori. Deidara considers himself as an artist and sees fine art to be something of extreme beauty but fleeting in existence like that of an explosion. Although he considers Sasori as a fellow artist, they argued constantly because Sasori saw fine art as things that were made to last for eternity, like his puppets. Tobi is Deidara’s current partner but their relationship is more like that of a comedic duo. Tobi is a relatively new member to Akatsuki and his sarcastic comments constantly get on Sasori’s nerves.

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